Hi my name is

Vikash Surin

i design and write code.


hi, my name is vikash surin. My role is a full-stack developer + I am a designer/digital artist. My web-dev journey started back in 2017, When I came across what webpages are? and that they can be built by anyone. I started with html - css - javascript and at present I can build and deploy websites. I love creating websites and designs.

Design tools I use

Adobe photoshop, Adobe illustrator, Adobe xd, figma, procreate, canva, rive

Languages I use

Html, css, javascript, sass, sass, bootstrap, materialui, tailwindcss, React, Redux, mongodb

Recent works

fitness Empire

A website for a gym based in Marathahalli, Bengaluru

TMP (development)

The Movie Play dot com. is a startup project initiated by a group of students from delhi. And I am currently working as a Full Stack dev. This is not yet in production.
MERNreactreact-routertypescripttailwind cssexpressJsmysqlvitetwin.macrosequelize
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